The Desolation (The Maze Runner)

The Desolation (The Maze Runner)

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ErikaIriss By ErikaIriss Completed

There is a cure? The cure is in - you.

The second girl the Gladers meet in the Scorch, becomes their best chance to get through the city.
She might also be Newt's only chance to survive.

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HRL121 HRL121 Feb 25
I love this so much it's not even funny! It seems flawless to me!
It was a good start, I really liked the plot line of the story. Salsa is a unique name and she seems interesting. Your description are perfect and to the point.
I'm your partner in the boom club and I am so happy that I am! I am enjoying it so far!! Xx
I love this! It is definitely one of the most interesting and amazing fan fictions I have read!
I really liked it.
                              I didn't have to go all Grammar Nazi on you and the plot line is brilliant.
                              I can't suggest any ways that you could make this better because this is perfect!
FLAWLESS!! Your discriptive writing really made a clear image in my mind. I also like how you started in the middle of TST instead if TMR, it makes this fanfic so unique!! The opening paragraph really gets the reader hooked!