Single Dad (Narry Storan)

Single Dad (Narry Storan)

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Meggy and Aumbry By _one__1D__direction_ Updated Aug 01

Niall Horan has an ability to get pregnant. His boyfriend got him pregnant only at the age of 14 with twins, Jacob and Joshua.

Then at 15, he got Niall pregnant again with another set of twins, Jackson and James. Then at 16, they had a little girl named Winter.

Soon they broke up, and Niall is being bossed around and abused by his five children.

What happens when they want to see their favorite band, One Direction, and the blonde one catches the eye of Harry Styles.

My mom would've killed us if we did anything even close to this
If my 7 y/o son is buck enough to smack me he better be buck enough to fight me 🤔😡👊🏾
stupstoran stupstoran Aug 10
*spends two minutes converting the time to the 12 hour clock cuz 'merica*
stupstoran stupstoran Aug 10
If my child ever tries to lay a hand on me, I don't care if they're 2 years old, I'm clocking them straight in the face