Forced By The Mafia Boss (BWWM)

Forced By The Mafia Boss (BWWM)

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juiceerockz By juiceerockz Updated 5 days ago

"I'm not moving you in because I love you, hell I dont even like you but some how your slutty ãss tricked me into a pregnancy. I may not care about shït but I would never leave my child. Now if you be a good girl and dont piss me off or annoy me for the next 7 months I'll let you see the baby."

Thats it! Game over, I've had enough. 

"You piece of shït! I didnt trap you into a dämn thing. You raped me! Who the hell are you to say that I can't see my baby. The courts would never give a monster criminal custody of a child. I'm leaving. When you come to your senses then maybe we can work something out until then stay away from me." 

I turned to run out of the door but stopped when i heard him cock his gun. I was hit on the head and everything went dark. 

I suck at descriptions so I just uploaded something from one of the chapters.

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Oh u low down,scum bag, weasel on the grass, serial rapist azz mf😡😡👊🏾👊🏾
imanibby15 imanibby15 Sep 18
Fvvcckk all that i wuda shot a dart at a map to see where ima b living after i get out that hotel
Man, I thought she would be like Olivia from law & order special victims unit.
Suh baby girl I thought this was the first chapter didn't even give me him to prepare