Forced By The Mafia Boss (BWWM)

Forced By The Mafia Boss (BWWM)

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juiceerockz By juiceerockz Updated Jun 08

"I'm not moving you in because I love you, hell I dont even like you but some how your slutty ãss tricked me into a pregnancy. I may not care about shït but I would never leave my child. Now if you be a good girl and dont piss me off or annoy me for the next 7 months I'll let you see the baby."

Thats it! Game over, I've had enough. 

"You piece of shït! I didnt trap you into a dämn thing. You raped me! Who the hell are you to say that I can't see my baby. The courts would never give a monster criminal custody of a child. I'm leaving. When you come to your senses then maybe we can work something out until then stay away from me." 

I turned to run out of the door but stopped when i heard him cock his gun. I was hit on the head and everything went dark. 

I suck at descriptions so I just uploaded something from one of the chapters.

MsDinasti MsDinasti Jul 17
That's what I'm saying don't let me die till these things have haopened
kynne1 kynne1 Jun 25
She tells you she was raped and will be killed and you give her a card?.....thats sooo comforting😑
lovely__blu lovely__blu Jul 08
So u gone fucck her because u think she a cop I'm done with him 😭😭👐🏽