Ever After

Ever After

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"His eyes - oh, God, his eyes - were an entirely different story. Staring into his eyes was like staring into the summer sky just before the sunset came, before the yellow, pink, and purple clouds came to fog up your vision. They were the definition of a cloudless sky, a clear river seen running through a wide field of grass, that one, blue, sparkling diamond that stood out more than any other in a goldmine. Shining like the stars and as light as a feather, they tricked you into a strange sense of security, a state that one would be foolish to leave intentionally. Everything about his eyes was passionate, beautiful, and enticing, anything a man could ever ask for. I wanted more of his eyes, more of him."

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Awesome cover photo by someone who goes by the name Shuploc on Instagram - please feel free to check them out!

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Lyriaisawesome Lyriaisawesome Dec 29, 2017
Mark should have given him another coffee (free) as an apology.
I am a Lord Of Trolls, and I declare, ye shall be plagued with the Septiceye curse.
Yes I love it I deserve a fanfic with proper English language and good grammar and Punctuation. And a good story line
Bacoon_bear Bacoon_bear Dec 31, 2017
This man flyin higher than a kite you know what I'm saying man
multistorysxx multistorysxx 4 days ago
Is this septiplier XD im sorry if I didn't get the memo, and I kinda just skipped to the comments before reading this so I probably would've known if I just kept reading ;-; sorry
ShineyFish ShineyFish Jan 06
The lords of fanfiction have looked down on you mark. And they have smiled.
                              As they flip you off and utter 'Lol nah'