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With Bleeding Hearts

With Bleeding Hearts

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Nuria By firelipz Updated Nov 12, 2015

(ManxMan) With isolation comes curiosity. The Realms brothers have been stuck in their house for all of their lives, never knowing another soul. They were told it was for their own protection, but from what? Perses, the God of Destruction is still a threat as well as the Goddess who strives to claim the twins as the next Realm Watchers. No where is safe for them, not even in their own clan. With Agathias's poor health and violent visions, its become clear that Rezeriel won't be able to help him on his own. 

Agathias, the smallest of the twins, wants to be just like his father and brother; strong. But they won't let him. He spent his whole life being sheltered and protected. That is until he meets Zaxias. A mage a long way from home. While Agathias is blinded by his adoration for his new friend, the secrets of Zaxias's intentions propose a great danger that even his visions can't predict.

rim_lov3 rim_lov3 Jul 18, 2015
Can u update more chapters on ur other stories too I love ur stories there soooo good !!!!!
firelipz firelipz Apr 29, 2013
@smexylion22 no, i actually have no idea what time period its set in, but i guess modern day. But the clans that are in the story are secluded areas away from human society. hope this helped! :)
smexylion22 smexylion22 Apr 29, 2013
Please update soon I love this!!
                              Also is this book set like in the old times?
SkylarSaitou SkylarSaitou Mar 31, 2013
@firelipz  yeah no worries they sound pretty cool anyways xD
firelipz firelipz Mar 31, 2013
@SkylarSaitou Thanks! And lol about the names. I just made them up off the top of my head XD
SkylarSaitou SkylarSaitou Mar 30, 2013
Wow the characters have some weird looking names your going to have to tell me how to say some lol but I read the teaser and it sounds amazing (^_^)☆