I'm His Beloved?

I'm His Beloved?

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Michael Blaize Efron, has everything, power, wealth, influence, immortality and special gifts of abilities no one can ever possessed. He was the ruler, the king of whole supernaturals and immortals. Being feared, being worshipped and being loved by his people's. He lives his life as perfect as what he believed it should be. 

Amanda Nichole Meyers, has everything, power, wealth, influence, freedom, and popularity that very few mortals was graced with. She was the heiress of the famous Meyers Group of Company which only known as the multi billion major stock holders on the Hotel Industries in her human world. Being loved by the people surrounds her because of her charming attitude. She lives her life as perfect as what she believed it should be.

Both has perfect life living in different realm and with different kind. Both has similarities yet with undeniable differences.

What life awaits when the fearless powerful vampire king decided to take back what was rightfully his after a very long years of sending her away from his supernatural world for the sake of his beloved's safety?

What life awaits when the famous heiress learnt out that the man she's waiting for too long appeared in front of her mysteriously, claiming she was his beloved? And turned out to be the unexpected nor unbelievably belonged to a myth known as supernaturals? 

How does the fate of these two individuals waved their story if theres too many secrets to reveal, differences to work out, assurance and security to measure, acceptance and trust to deal with, hate to forget and a real love to prove...


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lc_5324 lc_5324 Jul 20
Love this paragraph XD in fact that's basically exactly how and what I have to point things out to people sometimes
marietuscany marietuscany 7 days ago
nice plot. just too much grammatical error that technically ruins the whole thing.
lc_5324 lc_5324 Jul 20
I love the sarcastic dialogue! Nichole seems like a very relatable character already!
Honestly, I can be like Lily - I can be a dunce sometimes hahaha
- - Jul 07
I like this so far, but it's nearly tomorrow so, I'll read the rest later.
LovelyBullets LovelyBullets Apr 12, 2016
I really like how you've developed Lily into this very self-assured, slightly cocky character! I can't wait to read more!