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The Dancer

The Dancer

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Vanessa By vanessapiccolo Updated Feb 11, 2016

I nodded once and snuck a peek at Nicolae Cuza. I was expecting a man in his forties at least, but Nicolae couldn't have been anywhere beyond thirty. He was not the type of man I typically found attractive, but there was something about the way his strong, dark features played off each other that made him handsome. 

Nicolae kept his chocolate eyes on me as he spoke to Petru. 

"What is your experience with children," Petru translated. 

"During the summer I'm a camp counselor. The kids there are anywhere from six to thirteen."

I had never used a translator before. It was odd to still talk to Nicolae, but have someone else tell him what I was saying. What if Petru didn't translate properly? 

"How long have you done ballet?"

I rocked on my heels a little. I had never been under such close scrutiny and it was uncomfortable. "Um, probably fifteen years all together."

I noticed the way Nicolae appeared surprised when I said fifteen. Something told me I had misjudged the situation. He knew more English than he let on which irritated me. 

"Do you understand me?" I asked Nicolae directly. 

"Miss Williams," Petru started. 

A slow smile, barely visible, made an appearance on Nicolae's lips. He held his hand out to Petru to stop him from scolding me. 

"Yes, I understand you, Miss Williams," he confirmed. His voice was thick and heavy, but the way words rolled off his tongue was absolutely mesmerizing. His accent made it difficult to understand him, but I felt like I heard everything.

Makes me so happy that this takes place near/in DC cuz homegirl lives in NoVA and chances of her relating to fimiliar places aren't big so YESS
There's probably traffic rn as we speak there damn ur traffic dc
Girl if u don't shut before I give you some real manners. But yeah you lost your mom and I can't imagine what your going through, but it still doesn't give you the right to speak to someone like that.
Is she a Netherlander? Cause Holland is part of The Netherlands
Mimi_Safiya Mimi_Safiya May 08, 2016
I thought that Russia & Romania were really different ? Maybe I'm wrong. Any way this quite interesting so far :) I like it.
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Apr 29, 2016
Ha ha, nobody ever knows the difference between Slavic languages except for Slavic people... :D I swear, sometimes I'd just rather say I'm Russian than explain the differences.