Lipstick [Narry-EDITING]

Lipstick [Narry-EDITING]

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"What kind of lipstick are you wearing?"

"Who? Me?"

"Yes, you sweetheart."

"I'm not- these are their natural color."

or in which Harry works at a cosmetic store which Niall pays a visit to. He went to buy lipstick for his girlfriend but ends up meeting a boy with more kissable lips than his girlfriend's.

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Damn, I feel like harry would top irl. But I don't mind daddy Niall, as long as he calls harry his pet then I'm good
Nah, I'm good baby. Go make out with Harry. My ship needs to sail
feelxxnarry feelxxnarry Sep 23, 2016
@Narryislife21913 ofc! hello fist bump friend! (lame i know, thats why i dont have alot of friends) **Fist bump**
OneMixofParisSummer OneMixofParisSummer Sep 23, 2016
@feelxxnarry Yay a new friend!! I don't have that many friends because people are fake!*fist bumps back*