Everything You Are ✓

Everything You Are ✓

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"You are a hurricane,  and I am what you love."

Enter Parker Jameson, Alyssa's four year old, neighbor who attends the same kindergarten, shares kit-kats with her, and helps her with math problems.

Enter  Parker Jameson, Alyssa's best friend who has been a rock through thick and thin, and someone who she is beginning to feel all these inexplicable warm, fuzzy feelings for.

Enter  Parker Jameson, Alyssa's once lover and the cause of her sore throat and her raw, torn up heart.

Meet Alyssa Collins, Parker's neighbor who walks around in pigtails that swish until her waist, and chews her pencil when trying to figure out arithmetic problems.

Meet Alyssa Collins, Parker's best friend who he waits at the phone for from day to night, waiting for her to call; who he runs to and leans a shoulder for her to cry on.

Meet Alyssa Collins, Parker's ex-girlfriend who he is still irrevocably in love with, and who he has lost more times than he can count.

porcupinez porcupinez Jul 17
Why is this hurting my heart already and idek what happened?
SanjRocks SanjRocks Jul 12
This is already so cute like I'm going to die from cuteness overload.
simplyrisa simplyrisa Nov 27, 2016
lypophreniac lypophreniac Nov 23, 2016
I have a feeling that my heart will break in two after reading this..
prettyveins prettyveins Oct 26, 2016
Every time I reread the blurb, I fall in love with this book all over again 💜
Atomny Atomny Feb 12
Is this going to make me cry? I feel like it is. Tbh I cry at everything