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Alone Together Prompts

Alone Together Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Oct 13, 2016

Prompt- So I decided to write out everyone's sort of origin story and how they met Alexis. This is Ike's!



​"Ike! Joshie!"

​Ike climbed off of his bed, leaving his room. His little brother was waiting in the hallway for him.

​"Are we in trouble?" Joshie asked.

​"Only if you did something bad, Joshua," Ike said, giving him a little shove forward.

​They went out to their living room, where their parents were waiting. There was a board game laid out on the floor, and Ike sighed.

​"I hate family game night," he said. "It's lame."

​"You've been so moody now that you're a teenager!" his mom said. "Come on, Ike, it'll be fun! Family time is important!"

​His mom said this every time he complained. But he felt too old to be doing stupid things like game night. Still, his mom and dad were determined to spend at least one night a week bonding.

​He and Joshie sat down with their parents. His dad patiently explained the game to J...

tadpoles_bbyturtles tadpoles_bbyturtles Nov 22, 2016
I wish I had a family like this; besides the part where his mother passes away and his dad drinks
tadpoles_bbyturtles tadpoles_bbyturtles Nov 22, 2016
Ace want kidding when he said that Alexis brought them together
tadpoles_bbyturtles tadpoles_bbyturtles Nov 22, 2016
Bless Alexis's soul 😭👏🙏😭👏🙏😭👏🙏😭👏🍷
imadaydreamer14 imadaydreamer14 Sep 08, 2015
Ace's dad is a douchebag and his mom is a waste of space... How can parents do this to an innocent little boy?
Maelikescookies Maelikescookies Sep 03, 2015
When Alexis flicks Ace's ear to calm him down, it remind me of Scott (from Curtain Call and The Show Must Go On) when he taps Alexander's wrist to comfort him