submissive - l.s. (boyxboy)

submissive - l.s. (boyxboy)

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x By suicidalhes Updated Dec 25, 2015

"should i be gentle with you?" harry asked, moving to the other side of the bed, flogger in his hand.

he rubbed it across louis' chest before lifting it up and gently smacking him with it.

"or how about rough?" 

louis whimpered at the thought of that, closing his eyes tightly as he waited for what his daddy would do next.


contains sex, abuse, molestation, kidnapping,  drugs, a bit of self harm, and an eating disorder.

I have issues with being alone. I'm hypnophobic, and clingy as hell. I'd be like "he he he, nope. I'm not gonna be alone thanks"
I'm not old, I can walk just fine with out a cane next to my åss.
Is my starbucks an option?
                              I have never been....
I sleep on a bedroom, thank you. I won't call you sir or Master.
                              Imma call you little bastard for keeping me up when I got school tomorrow...