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Useless ~ A Septiplier Story

Useless ~ A Septiplier Story

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Jessica By jessvampangel Updated Apr 20

This story is semi-canonical! Imagine today's world, but where everyone has superpowers - all the rest of the facts are the same. Enjoy!
  In a world filled with superheroes, what little Sean can do just seems... useless. He's rejected from everything, everyone looks down on him. There just doesn't seem to be a place where he fits in.
  But when he finds Sector Eight, an elite school for the heroes with the best powers who hide in plain site on a website where they are guaranteed success, despite the fact that he is so useless, he can't help but feel like he belongs, like he's finally part of something.
  Maybe it's possible for him to find a true home that accepts him, but he'll need a little help to believe it...
  To the world, you are one person. To one person, you are the world.

I agree completely. It's nice to see people who are able to ship things without being so crazy about it.
Thank you for putting that out there! A few people seem to have trouble depicting fiction from reality... 
                              Both Jack and Mark have lovely girlfriends and I'm happy for them! Although the ship septiplier is a ship that will not sail, I will happily be on board. :)
Personally, I agree with you. So glad someone understands that this is separate from them and that someone is respectful. Most people I have seen are just rude and take these things way too seriously. Septiplier is completely fictional.
Gosh thanks for this, there might be a few people who don't know lol but still, glad you pit this anyway ❤❤❤
merthur2019 merthur2019 Apr 20
I thought that this was clear to people that this is a work of fiction
I understand completely. I honestly wish that the entirety of the septicplier fan base would agree, but sadly that's not true. Septicplier is cute but I should be seen as a separate entity form Mark and Jack. I am so glade that I am not he only one who sees this like I do.