Broken From The Inside (Old Version of Wake Up Call)

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Victoria By Hooha84 Completed
* MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*    "Jace walks up to me and grabs me and pulls me into him, my face so close to his. He grabs on to the back of my bare leg just under my ass and pulls me into him and puts his head in between my neck and shoulder as he moves us both slowly to the music. I let out my breath a little and lean my neck back, making it longer. We continue to dance that way then he grabs my arm and places it on his chest. I can feel his chest move as he dances and pushes his body as close to mine as he can. Then he turns me around and pushes my ass into his crotch as he runs his hands on my inner thighs without getting to close or going to far. My heart starts pounding in my chest and my whole body starts getting hot. I feel like the whole world is standing there looking at us and I feel excitement, so I push my body closer to his and start moving up and down against his body." 
       * MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY*    Avery spent her whole childhood being used and abused by her drunken parents. Broken from her past of a lifetime full of hate and pain she grew up empty inside not knowing how to love or trust. When she finally gets old enough to break free, she moves away to a new town determined to escape her hurtful past and start a new life but she can't seem to let anyone in and fill the emptiness inside her. She finds herself in a twisted life of stripping and sleeping with different guys that she just can't seem to feel anything for. So forced to believe she's unlovable she then meets Jace and he scares her , making her feel things that she's never felt before. Scared that she's not worth loving she pushes him away.
    **If you're wanting to read this you might want to consider reading the new version 'Wake Up Call' it has improved quite a bit.**
I know right. Neither, dammit. Sorry. It could've been a typo, but ugh.
I LOVE THIS STORY! I read wake up call before. It was the first story on wattpad annnnd the best story!
I have read Wake Up Call and i am starting to read this one and i can tell even in the first chapter that they have some common.
I read this then wake up call I'm like huh haven't I read that before and I just realised right now
                                    Wake Up Call is the same story, just revised. It's the same character and plot basis :)
It seem just like the "Wake up call" if you ask me cuz it has a lot of the same things