Don't Speed On By °~Wally West (Kid Flash) X Reader~°

Don't Speed On By °~Wally West (Kid Flash) X Reader~°

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You're so happy! You're best friend has transferred back to school and you have a new friend!

Fall is here, the air smells wonderful constantly, you're doing good in school, what could go wrong?

When you're old best friend comes back to school a jerk, bullies start to pick on you, and you're new friend gets beat up for speaking up, everything starts to fall.

Especially when you learn your new friend is actually a superhero sidekick.

Everything seems to be crashing at once, seems to be speeding by faster than you can register it.

But you only have one wish for everything:
Don't Speed On By

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0MindLess0 0MindLess0 Sep 12
Okay so im not saying that its not okay to question that he called us babe but my children be prepared HES A DAMN  FLIRT OF COURSE HE WOULD DO THIS OMG YOUR LUCKY HE DIDNT KISS US ON THE LIPS LMAO
queen_sweets7 queen_sweets7 6 days ago
Omg I sit on the second to last seat on the right side of my bus in real life
Why the fück is this relationship moving so fast? By the 3rd chapter they'll probably be having sēx wth 🤣🤣
Cupcakexbae Cupcakexbae May 29, 2016
After u finished reading this chap. And "best day ever" read this again and realise that for most of you this is the closest you can ever get to a guy and a love life😔😔😓😔😔😔😔😔😔
Animelover79745 Animelover79745 Jul 27, 2016
My sis Jade is just looking at me cause I'm fangirling! HOW DARE YOU SIS!!!!! ALYSSA~CHAN CAN FANGIRL ALL SHE WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lizzy-Walters Lizzy-Walters Aug 10, 2016
                              I JUST GOT KISSED BY WALLY WEST!!!!!!!!