Once Upon His Time... [On Hold]

Once Upon His Time... [On Hold]

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rockermp3 By rockermp3 Updated Dec 07, 2010

C: If you could wish upon a single shooting star, what would you wish for?
E: I'd wish for you to be free of Callisto
C: This is a book, not a fantasy
E: Well then, what would you wish for?
C: Simple; I would wish for you

Emerae Pallone has never had a taste for books. She finds them unnecessary and only fantasies. 
As the day comes when her mother decides for her to read this specific story, Emerae suddenly realizes that all her beliefs about books are completely wrong.
She realizes that not only are stories completely possible, but that every single book has a story of its own. 
A story far beyond the words that are read, and with it -- a world filled with impossible reality, and impossible fantasies.
As she is sucked (literally) into the book, Emerae is thrown into a different world, filled with thousands of realms that she must explore to reach her destination.
Where is this destination? She doesn't know.
All she knows is that every time she awakens after completing an exhausting task from her previous realm, she is suddenly in a different realm, with a completely new task waiting for her.
The irritating, yet helpful male voice doesn't help her stressed thoughts either.
As she continues to play her own character in her own story, Emerae also realizes that most storylines involve romance, and in her story, love is something she never thought she'd experience.

Callisto is a book Emerae will never forget.

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Booklover95 Booklover95 Nov 02, 2010
I love this, its so different and it's really well written. :)
magicalbutterflies magicalbutterflies Oct 21, 2010
callisto is such an awesome name HOLY BEJEEZUS I LOVE THE NAME EMERAE ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
terrificfantasticME terrificfantasticME Oct 02, 2010
i love comet frost amazing author name its damn sexy right i would tap that