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abarnard3 By abarnard3 Updated Apr 03, 2016

In a future where processed foods are a thing of the past and designer, testtube  babies are the government's solution for disease, and social standing is judged on how you look, two nineteen year old citizens who don't fit in with their classes are in for a big surprise.

Brandon, a middle class farmer is too tall and good looking for his class. He's bored with farm life and looks forward to his enlistment in the military. But when his middle class crush reveals that she might be working with the Naturalists, the anti-governemt, anti-modification movement, he has to decide what he's going to do.

Octavia, an Elite girl, is too curvy and blonde to fit in with the dark haired, svelte girls of her class, but when her one and only crush not only helps her get a job as a nurse and proposes, her life finally starts to look up. 

When  a secret is revealed through a freak accident, their lives will be turned upside down, and these two will come to terms with who they are and where their loyalties lie.

  • dystopian
  • futuristic
  • romance
  • scifi