Opposites That Aren't So Opposite (Book 2)

Opposites That Aren't So Opposite (Book 2)

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XxNekocoxX By XxNekocoxX Updated Sep 11

Years. That's how long it's been. Six whole years. Kayson has moved on and has become a highly well known Broadway performer. He still remembers his highschool days but, now he just pushes it to the back and sees it as a distant nightmare. One night he's performing, nothing different from the usual, when he spots someone he thinks he recognizes. Though he finds it intriguing, everyone in New York is unique and it's not unusual to see someone more than once and think you know them. So, he brushes it off and goes about his life. But, that person recognized him too... and it doesn't take him long to find out why.

This is book two (as said in the title). If you haven't read book one you should go check it out. This is a yaoi novel (boyxboy). Don't like? Don't read. Others, enjoy!


  • acting
  • bisexualboy
  • boyxboy
  • drama
  • fighting
  • jealously
  • love
  • romance
  • yaoi
"She wasn't just beautiful, she was a slüt, a whöre, an asshöle, and most importantly, not Kyle."
I like how almost all of the comments are hating on Emily. Haha
*says in a really awful and thick country accent* GET OUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT
                              Does everyone agree with me that we should drown her?
If he does not break up if her.... Neko-chan...get.ready.to.die
*haves a seizure due to over heating caused by the processing of new information. (Code 0x400908378A)