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• wow i hate life • By Illiuminaughty Completed

These are just a bunch of BillDip oneshots I have decided to write. They're trash, I'm not gonna lie. I don't even know why people read them??? They're literally just trash, angst, and some other gay stuff. Enjoy them nonetheless. :')

Note: I will probably never edit these because I cannot force myself to read such cringe worthy shit that I write. So, if there are any grammar or spelling issuses in these, don't mind them.

..... I.... I have know words.... He views Birthdays the way I would
SmolFandomBaby SmolFandomBaby Jul 29, 2016
I was SO waiting for bill bill to say 'Lol 'Kay.  Sixer. Ima bout to tap dat dipper booty'
                              Does that make me a bad person?
Jungkook_love_123 Jungkook_love_123 Jul 29, 2016
Dipper: no leave me alone
                              Bill: fine have it your way
                              *gets bucket of ice water
                              *throws it on dipper
                              Dipper:ahhhhh! Damn it bill
                              Bill: *shrugs* you wouldn't get up
SmolFandomBaby SmolFandomBaby Jul 29, 2016
I guess you could say it's....*whispers* supernatural...
                              I'M NOT EVEN SORRY!!!
Amaialove13 Amaialove13 Nov 26, 2016
Is Pacifica Trans
                              It's rhetorical
                              I'm dumb right
                              Yah I'm stupid
marichatfan16 marichatfan16 Aug 10, 2016
Bill probably got him a phone so that he could slide in dippers DM's😂😂 I SEE YOU BILL!