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Best Buddies (Naruto fanfic) *ON HOLD*

Best Buddies (Naruto fanfic) *ON HOLD*

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Banana By BananaSplit01012014 Updated Dec 25, 2015

When a street mutt and a lonely orphan came together, they spark something very rare. A true friendship.
  Oka and Naruto are inseparable. Best friends from the start, they share everything, meals, memories, and even a bed. Oka is Naruto's best and only friend and Naruto is Oka's kind and loyal master. 
  Join their adventure though hard times, and watch their man and mutt friendship grow and flourish.
  I'm terrible at drawing, so all the pics I post aren't mine.

VinniVVicci VinniVVicci Aug 15, 2016
Sasuke stares at the direction Itachi is. His hate senses are so OP that he can sense what direction his bro is. That's what he glared at XD
VinniVVicci VinniVVicci Aug 15, 2016
Can you not refer to Naruto as her master? It makes it awkward to read and it's more like "care-taker" than "master" . But of course this is up to you so.... @-@
sweet_demon14 sweet_demon14 Apr 04, 2016
Sakura: my hobbies are stalking Sasuke and watching him shower.  My dreams for the future...raping Sasuke and having his babies