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[Baekhyun's POV]

After a quick break, for changing our sweaty clothes, all eight of us ran back to the stage. Everything revolving around so fast, that I could only take a real quick and short breath. Being a part of top boy band in South Korea, EXO, is one of the best things I could ever asked for in my entire life. I feel blessed that I thought, What goods have I done in the past life for me to deserve this? 

Only two songs left before the ending speech, and I had to drag my feet forcefully, and most of all, to gather all my strength back that flew away, in order for me to continue the performance. My soul was empty, just like an empty glass jar. Screaming coming from crowds of thousands fangirls, waving silver lights soulfully giving an illustrations of a wide silvery ocean. Isn't it strange? None of those could light up the dark alley inside of me. The world around seemed to stop and fading away. After some, I found myself dropping my gaze at a distance, dazing off slowly into my...

HajimaKajimaEXO HajimaKajimaEXO Jul 05, 2016
Not Lay but Chen WHY DOES EVERYONE SHIP SULAY??? Huh? I think SuChen seems more real. Not trying to be rude or offend any one just I believe that SuChen is pretty cute.
HajimaKajimaEXO HajimaKajimaEXO Jul 05, 2016
Your stories are the ones I really enjoy reading. It's sooooooo ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
EXOPark EXOPark Feb 20, 2016
Can you please put Boy Next Door here in your wattpad account? Pretty please? I am your fan :)
IShipIttt IShipIttt Jun 05, 2016
Miracles in December is playing 
                              EXCUSE ME WHILE I SOB FOR 10 YEARS
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sry for late. i'm already write this feedback yesterday but connection is so bad and i didn't post this. hehe
mini_yoonmin_9395 mini_yoonmin_9395 Sep 04, 2015
Darling~ I love you so much~ You are my best friend and best author. I promise I'll love you as my best friend forever. btw, THE STORY IS SO GOOD!!!! sry for late.