Catching Kent

Catching Kent

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Ruth Ann Nordin By ruthannnordin Completed

After spending time in Ireland, Kent Ashton has returned to America. It's his chance at a new start, and he's determined to go all the way to California-far away from his past and the list of regrets he's left behind. But while in Omaha, Nebraska, thieves rob him and leave him for dead in an alley. That's when Dave Larson finds him and brings him home so he can recover. As soon as Kent is better, he plans to continue his journey to California.

But Dave's daughter, Rose Larson, has other plans. She's bound and determined to make him her husband. Sure, he might protest, claim he's not the right one for her, that she's better off with someone else. But she's not one to give up, and if she has to chase him to get him to the altar, then so be it.

*This is a historical western romance.

GDDSky GDDSky Mar 09
Please please is it possible for u to repost an Unlikely place for love . thank u
Blistz Blistz Jan 29, 2017
Finding it hard to read this book since I've read Fall in love with her husband and His convenient wife first.. Kent isn't in a very good light no matter what explanation and I don't really 'like' Rose 😂 I'm bias towards Harriett 😂
softieshubhi softieshubhi Jul 09, 2016
Hey!!! Will you please upload Isaac's decision or shotgun groom or wrong tail Bride then? Pretty please???
- - Dec 01, 2016
Wow happy to read this story and also get to have a glimpse of past characters. My favourite among your books is eye of the beholder and am happy to read about its characters again
softieshubhi softieshubhi Jul 10, 2016
Now I remember Ralph he was a good man and responsible for many happy moments in my favourite character's lives
                              Will miss u <3
tatanorma tatanorma Oct 26, 2015
Will you be adding more chapters after 15?  I would love to read the whole the characters.  I'm   in love with the Larson clan.