Our Rendezvous -Slowly Rewriting-

Our Rendezvous -Slowly Rewriting-

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akans6 By akans6 Updated Jul 23

How would simple scarlet fruits embellished with snazzy emerald crowns and beady black beads begin a spicy rendezvous between an affluent duke and one feisty lady that is stubborn to prove herself worthy to her family? 

"My lord, if vanilla nor chocolate is your favorite flavor, what is it?" I ran my long fingers down his prominent, defined cheek. His hand moved fleetly, capturing the back of my hand with his warm palms, and uniting our hands.

"My favorite flavor," he drew a breath, "is strawberry." That's when I knew I was bound to him, and there was no turning back.

Oh yes, I can jus tell this is going to be a good one. Great first chapter!
lol_books01 lol_books01 Apr 15
This chapter is really nice very descriptive and captivating imagery.
sariwilmi sariwilmi Mar 27
                              I want the dress.
                              Already falling deeeeep! Keep the hard work babe. And thank you for this book.
What period of time is this set? i keep on thinking of the cinderella from 'into the woods'.
akans6 akans6 Oct 12, 2015
The time period is suppose to be during or around the industrial revolution, medieval.
Cassthecute Cassthecute Oct 10, 2015
I really like it so far! What time period did you set this in? :)