Yang Xiao Long x Male reader

Yang Xiao Long x Male reader

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Israel By 1CEW0LF Updated Sep 26, 2015

A/n: OK in this story you are Professor Ozpin's nephew

You recall the day your uncle Prof Ozpin told you that he would be more than happy to have you attend at Beacon Academy

You were suddenly poped back into reality by the sound of your alarm signaling that you have to wake up and get ready, it only took you a few minutes to get ready, and then you were off to the drop ship you were on one of those bad mood days were you are just sad(practically everyday) when you arrived you got on the drop ship and waited 15 minutes till you got to Beacon

Your uncle was waiting for you, and you were wondering why

Y/n: Hello Professor Ozpin

Ozpin: No need to formal Y/n I'm your uncle after all, now I know you maybe wondering as to why I was waiting for you, well I am here to personally take you to your class, and to introduce you to my students, is that fine

U/n: Yeah I'm fine with it, so where do we go to

Professor Ozpin signaled you to follow him, and he lead you to Professor Obleck's class(...

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