Something More (Norminah)

Something More (Norminah)

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manixdinah By manixdinah Updated Jun 26, 2016

Normani's had thoughts about being in a relationship with her best friend, Dinah. It's just something she never planned on revealing. 

One night it kind of slips out of her mouth and Dinah's reaction is a little strange. 

However, when things do work out for them Normani is so quick to show Dinah just how much she's wanted her, but others come in the way of letting Dinah do the same.

Girrllll let me tell you. *sits back and eats twizzler* it was the fifth grade when I realized I was a little fruity. I would always have these crushes on girls. Then middle school came by and I definitely knew I wasn't straight
__DJ4L __DJ4L Jun 06
"It was cute" 😂😂😂 I can imagine her saying this too.
__DJ4L __DJ4L Jun 06
No noooo. What the hell are you doing?! Not another ship I like too.😭
No Mani you need to get with Lauren to make Dinah jealous come on now get it together sis
I read this as "give me head" 
                              It is 1:30 am, don't judge me
*goes to get ice* 
                              *freaks out in kitchen as the ice falls everywhere*