Why Would The Gangleader Want Me?

Why Would The Gangleader Want Me?

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Princess Amberle By Kay30303 Updated May 23

" stop fucking following me, it's starting to get weird " I yell turning around to look at him 

" now shouldn't a good country girl like you be nice" he smiled patting my head 

" gosh get away from me " I growl

" I'm just trying to walk home " he laughed 

" I have a shotgun, and I'll use it " I shot back 

" I have a shotgun too want to see it " he smirked unzipping his paints 

" what's that supposed-  eew you creep " I push him and take off running down the dirt road dust and dirt flying up as my feet hit the ground

" you can't out run me " he laughed 

" that's why you're all the way back  there city boy " I laugh

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Why you gotta at like bitch, when I’m with you? Baby girl I’m blue
Hey cars has four wheels too does that count as animals with four legs???