New beginnings (boyxboy)✔

New beginnings (boyxboy)✔

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Rainier 'Rain' Laurent is a 17 year old gay in high school. His life is ordinary, except he's plagued by nightmares of a car accident that happened a year prior, leaving him heartbroken and hating himself.

Ryan Cyrus is a 19 year old closet-bisexual whose life has been described as 'going nowhere'. Due to a mistake that happened a few years prior and the subsequent loss of his parents, he is unable to move forward.

Rain and Ryan meet when Ryan moves to town and attends Rain's high school.  There is an undeniable connection between them, which leads to lots of tensions and accusations.

They are obviously attracted to each other, but can they help each other move on from the things that are haunting them? Can they help each other start over again? They both have secrets, and one of them may be too much to handle.

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OK if Ryan is 19 why is he in a junior class? Did he repeat like 3 times?
jacksmitty2 jacksmitty2 Jul 31
I just realized like Miley Cyrus's brother Ryan Cyrus in Hanna Montana?
duduxs duduxs Jul 30
wild guess: Tristan is Rain's ex and died in the accident 👀
ItsRAEGAN ItsRAEGAN Jul 27, 2016
Once upon a time I wanted too name my daughter Rainn . My silly imagination
darling4badboys darling4badboys Jun 23, 2016
JUST CURIOUS. I don't be mean to be rude but why just mention the African American race but not the others? like is Anthony white, polish, Irish, Hispanic etc.. Just curious.
- - Oct 28, 2016
AAAA i love this!! It's like a real book, with perfect grammar, long chapters; just like I like it! =D keep up the good work!