Alpha's Rejected Omega

Alpha's Rejected Omega

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Angel_With_A_Shotgun By Sasukeismahbisch99 Updated Jan 08

"I, Skylar Moore, Son of Alpha Matthew of the Moore pack, reject you, Beau Daniels, Omega of the Moore pack as my destined one. I break the wolf-lore and condemn you to live in shame and pain". My heart not only shattered at that moment. It slowly heated up into an inferno until it felt as if it were about to combust into flames. My world tilted and it felt as if I were going to be sick all over my mates finely polished shoes. But I got up the strength to speak. "I, Beau Daniels, omega of the Moore pack regretfully accept your rejection" I whispered. 

Something inside of me died that night. 

Something still is....

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_AOT_Fanatic_ _AOT_Fanatic_ Nov 02, 2016
Hey, but you seem to like it being slutty don't you big fella XD I couldn't it in, on sorry XD XD
Dany1908 Dany1908 Dec 01, 2015
well i'm tired of much lemons in werewolf stories so is good
20susan02 20susan02 Nov 20, 2015
I don't understand why you're not confident with your body cuz you're one hot piece of cupcake and I would devour you in second if I could. ;)
Sasukeismahbisch99 Sasukeismahbisch99 Nov 12, 2015
Noooo you two delete ittt!! I see you everyday and it'll get awkward hahaha
Sasukeismahbisch99 Sasukeismahbisch99 Nov 02, 2015
Okay working on the next chapter. Sorry everyone! I had a bit of a writers block. Haha. Coming soon though!
Obsidian_Luxen Obsidian_Luxen Nov 02, 2015
PWETTY PWEASE UPDATE!!!!! You're book is awesomesauce!!!!♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!