Is That Really It?(manxboy)(fatherxson)(incest)

Is That Really It?(manxboy)(fatherxson)(incest)

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serenia trelin sophacia By serenia101 Updated Jan 01, 2016

hello all you unknown peeps. this book is basically about a boy who meets his father for the first time and grows strongly attracted to him. this boy's name is Seth Rogers. he is a  5.7 17 year old and his father is a 6.0 30 year old. little did Seth know that that he was in for the time of his life
this book contains lots and lots of mature content so that's a warning. this is my first book but I've read a lot so I'm hoping to right something that's as good as the books I've read. 

this book contains:

I hope you guys enjoy!

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In the summary it says Seth is 17 and his dad is 30, doesn't that mean his dad was 13 when he had his son?
MiD_nIgH_t MiD_nIgH_t Apr 18
Fashioooon I really want to become a fashion designer, but I can't draw whoops 😬😬😬
Person 1: Nice hat
                              Person 2: Thnx!
                              Person 1: I was being sarcastic
                              Person 2: Well I stole your face
                              Person 1: *facepalm*
Pr0toTyPe Pr0toTyPe Jan 08
Um, the name makes me uncomfortable and I don't know why. Probably the violent tone I read it with...
_purgatoryidgit _purgatoryidgit Dec 20, 2016
honestly, if youre going to be writing a book in any valid way, its unreasonable to use words like  'cuz' and 'u' I mean youre writing book not texting someone
PhantomAngel99 PhantomAngel99 Dec 23, 2015
**cries** it's good so far but grammar... P-Please fix the small grammatical errors... Please..
                              Or you know you don't have to I'm not a pure grammar nazi but still...