Hades & Zues

Hades & Zues

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Kueen Vixlyez By vixlyez Updated Jul 25, 2016

Sunjae lived a normal life until the 'Santos Twins' came into her life, they had a bad reputation for themselves. They never worked for anything the just stole it from others. But Sunjae wasn't that innocent either. She didn't take crap from anyone, and she wasn't going to start listen to, two alpha's who killed her whole pack.


"What we did-" I was going to tell them that it couldn't happen again, but Hades cut me off.

"Was a moment of weakness, And it can't happen again." Hades growled as he traced my jaw with the sponge.

Was this his way of rejecting me.

"You tear us apart, we've never been good at sharing. And this is not the right time for us to find you. Your poison to our pack, we can't focus with you around. We have a pack to lead and many more to destroy. and we can't do that with you around" Zues growled with hatred in his eyes. 

A moment ago he was lusting over me now he hates me, I think that's what we call bipolar.

"And you can't satisfy our needs, your too young and innocent. Like we said before your just a child" Hades finished as he continued to bathe me.

"Is that your way of rejecting me" I asked with a sly grin. I would be lying if I said that there words didn't hurt me, but this just made my life easier.

They looked at each other for a moment before nodding slowly at me.

"Oh well, I didn't want psychotic murderous mates, especially man whōres either. I just wanted to finish grade 10 in pease I didn't ask for 23 year old childish and wildly inappropriate mates either. And who said I wanted you to begin with." I rambled off as I got out the tub and grabbed a towel that hung on the wall.

I tied it around my body, then shook out my curly hair.

"You weren't saying all that when you were moaning a couple hours ago" Zues shot back, with a sly grin and a evil glint in his eyes.

That fricken bästard.

Cover by: @GlueEater

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LadeyJezzabella LadeyJezzabella Nov 27, 2017
Just want to point out that you mispelt Zeus. It's Zeus not Zues.
She a beta n she not bout that life. So her wolf got a coward as a human
autumnfilly autumnfilly Feb 05, 2017
I want to kill Zeus and hades because they slaughtered her pack.
Ya-Hitta-Kita Ya-Hitta-Kita Nov 26, 2016
I like that cause other people will be all bitchy like YOU NOT MY DAAAD UGLY AS FCKIN. . WHITE BOI
wow5exo wow5exo Dec 31, 2016
And she is supposed to become a beta? She's so weak. No wonder the pack has no chance