What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You

What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You

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He had a secret. Multiple secrets, in fact. 

Naruto Uzumaki had always been a smart kid. He knew about the nine-tailed fox, who his parents were, and how to execute the basics of ninjutsu as a kid. Thus, the Sandaime had ANBU train him to become one of their own. 

Now, at twelve years of age, Naruto the ANBU was given a mission to find promising students and keep tabs on a certain boy at the academy, but that could be a bit hard, given that he's blind. 

I don't own Naruto, nor do I claim I own anything having to do with Naruto (only the plot of this story). Masashi Kishimoto is the sole author of the Naruto series and he owns it. That is final.

And people said that Iruka was a nobody that couldn't control children. If he can control Naruto then he can DEFINITELY control kids xD
This is starting to sound like your discribing me 
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If this was the real story of what happened to naruto I don't think I would be upset at all.
                              OH GOD I NEED TO CALM DOWN!!!
                              That was good
Damn right bitches. This is something that I experience everyday (because a majority of the students in my grade ate idiots). 🙀 If only they could TRY to be smarter, then they might actually go somewhere in life
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