Finding Home (GirlxGirl) (On Hold)

Finding Home (GirlxGirl) (On Hold)

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space cadet By british_earmuffs Updated Jan 01

Eight years. 

Imagine it.  Imagine being trained to kill for eight years, stuck in solitude, not a single day of rest, continually tortured with the fact that you will never see your family again. 

By all standards but her own, Alix Raines is just a kid.  Barely sixteen, she's forced to expect death for what seems to be all her life.  She's stuck on this moon, wishing she never said yes. 

Now close your eyes and imagine this. 

Imagine living on a ship, a ship so full of life and people.  A starship that travels between galaxies and star systems, stopping at intergalactic outposts and raiding seemingly random moons.  

Skylar Boothe lives on this ship.  To an outsider, her life is anyone's dream, but she has terrible secrets. Massive, life-altering secrets that could destroy her family's reputation and her own safety if they ever got out. 

The two girls meet and befriend each other in the most unlikely of situations, and together, attempt to figure out just what went wrong in their universe. 

Big thank you to @lunaes for the beautiful cover. 

#12 in Science Fiction as of 4/7/2016

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And China keeps its title as the longest living dynasty for 10000+ years from now 👍🏽👏🏽
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I feel you like when a teacher says they'll put in your grade even though they don't
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                              It's like seeing a syfy movie.
                              But no Africans? Really?
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Ohhh cool! I'm writing a book about the sun expanding lol ☺☺☺
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OK so it's 12:00 Sunday And I have school Tomorrow  but Uhmm I think I found a book that could keep me up all niiight