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Adorkablymi By Adorkablymi Updated Aug 31, 2010

'Tis nought but the simpalist of things to dream and give

yourself over to what you feel, even knowing it's not real

'Tis nought but a simple wish to live in a life with so much

love and bliss, to love and be loved with a caress or a kiss

'Tis but the hardest of things, to want something you can't 

have, to dream of it in the plan of your hand

'Tis nought an easy thing to say when I just need you 

here to fill in the blanks

life is filled with chaos we have to face head on, with

no regrets, with no turnng back and to just keep our

lives moving on

the choose is ours, to make to live in the moment or 

watch our lives waste away

a life without choose is no life at all, life without fear

means nothing at all