Who Ever Falls In Love First, Loses. ✔︎

Who Ever Falls In Love First, Loses. ✔︎

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❝"I heard you're a player... 
So let's play a game. 
Let's play fight.
Let's sweet talk. 
Let's talk and Text 24/7.
Let's tell each other good morning and good night. 
Let's take romantic walks together.
Let's give each other cute nicknames. 
Let's go on romantic dates. 
Let's hug and kiss.
And who ever falls in love first... loses. " Khloe cocks an eyebrow, challenging Griffen. 

"Game on Princess." Griffen shakes Khloe's hand confirming the deal. ❞

Khloe Grey and Griffen Orion are known for being the most competitive at their high school, Jacobs Knight Senior High. 

Griffen is known for being the player, the guy who leaves the girl crying on her best friend's shoulder because he humped and then dumped her.

Khloe is known for being the Minx, teasing every boy in sight. Look but no touch.

When Khloe gets dared to get Griffen to fall in love with her, she takes action and then the bet was made.. Who is gonna win?

**The quote above belongs to Lyla Tyela Belikov; I changed it to fit my story, all credit of the quote goes to the author.

*Under Major Construction
This Book Contains:
- Unedited Chapters
- Swearing

I saw another book like this?? so... i dont know who first started it
notnoticedone notnoticedone May 08, 2016
When you got broads in Atlanta that been twisted dope, lean, and the Fanta.
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                              something something something because the words are hard to under while listening to the song
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For anyone who would like to see more of the aggro panda search panda cheese on youtube. It's hilarious 😂
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Totally into writing my own books not into copying, so we won't have any problems there
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Lmao that's going to be me on the first day of school...flip everyone off and leave