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You're a Snarky Little Shit (Frerard, Petekey)

You're a Snarky Little Shit (Frerard, Petekey)

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Tato and String Bean By tatoandstringbean Completed

Gerard is a senior in high school, and really has no idea what he's gonna do with his life afterwards. He hardly notices the short, black haired Frank. Until fate, destiny, memes, or maybe just dropping a pencil brought them together.
Gerard's 13 year old brother, Mikey, is a shy, awkward kid in 8th grade. Until an outgoing, slightly emo Pete Wentz rolls into his class.
Also get ready for some side characters and side ships because I'm tRASH.
(written by tato all the way through)
(um tw suicide, depression, ANXIETY, all that jazz)

littlegraything littlegraything a day ago
Hello, fellow flaming homosexuals™. 
                              (I'm pretty sure I'm ace, just being goofy)
littlegraything littlegraything a day ago
This is me in any sport. I either get hit in the head, or fall on my head.
Honestly I know from personal experience that when you dress like that in school, you most definitely do not get called hot. 
                              At least not in my school. 
                              The words "ugly, freak, Satan spawn" and many others however do come to mind.
I would say 'I beg to differ' but I'm gay af... So I don't think any guys are 'sexy'... .-. Sorry
justcreaturetrash justcreaturetrash Oct 05, 2016
I didn't realize this was the introduction being updated oh my god
Im a shitty thirteen year old and i feel u with those comma splices and other improper grammar