The Rest of Your Life (Yandere!Killua x Reader)

The Rest of Your Life (Yandere!Killua x Reader)

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A simple visit to a bakery leads to a crazy, obsessive stalker. He loves every part of you so much and would do anything for you to be his. He won't stop until he has you all to himself . . . no matter the cost. (Yandere!Killua x Reader) 



WARNING: Some chapters (most later on) contain violence and disturbing actions. Read at your own risk.

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Niotheneko Niotheneko Sep 17
Guys that may have looked me.... Well maybe in disgust as I basically eat an entire cake, but it was good cake.
Me: *glares at* touch my cake and your dead
                              Killua: ok
                              Me: also are you gay?
                              Killua: no!
                              Me: if only😐
Well at least we're not being stalked by an unattractive person?? Like HELLO he's freaking adorable!!🤷🏻‍♂️❤️❤️
If someone stares at me, I'd stare back and have a complete staring contest.
Killua: I love you.
                              Me: We just met.
                              Killua: But I love you.
                              Me: Heh. Moist.
                              Killua: Nevermind. *Leaves*
                              LOL NO WE JUST MET BUT I STILL LOVE YOU