Love Thine Enemy

Love Thine Enemy

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Leona Fell is not your average everyday girl, especially when it comes to her job of hunting the supernatural like so many in her family have done before her.

But when everything she knows is tested by a certain someone, her heart is taken over by the original hybrid which leads her into all sorts of.... complications (To say the least). 

She experience's love, hate, grief and desire. She not only has to reap the consequences for her choice but also her families past catches up with her which sets her on a road to change everything she has ever known.

Will Leona ever know peace? Will she be tortured, always and forever!

I do not own any of the characters from the vampire diaries, originals, tomorrow people or teen wolf.

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Saveing people! Hunting things! The family business!!!❤❤❤
elapihler elapihler May 01, 2017
Sorry, but I agree with her mother. Some people dont deserve forgiveness and it would be better if they died ( serial killers and rapists)
harrystylesnippy harrystylesnippy Sep 14, 2017
SamBookLove SamBookLove Aug 23, 2016
I just knew it was Klaus from the beginning. When she said he was handsome, I had a feeling.
SamBookLove SamBookLove Aug 23, 2016
There's this one moment before you kill someone where you literally hold their lives in your hands and then you just rip it away.
macjohn56 macjohn56 Dec 01, 2015
Seems kinda like Supernatural😂 Sam and the "family business"