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Mase: the Modern Dwarf

Mase: the Modern Dwarf

766 Reads 78 Votes 6 Part Story
E.D.E. Bell By edebell Completed

Mase is just a normal modern dwarf who enjoys daily yoga and a good cashew-milk latte. When he decides to visit his cousins in an underground dwarven kingdom, he's pulled into a magical fantasy adventure led by a frequently inappropriate wizard. Mase soon finds that his modern views don't quite fit in with those of his friendly companions, even as they band together to overcome challenges. Join Mase as he adventures on a quest to recover the twilight gem as well as to find his own place in their fantasy world. Warning: this story is ridiculous! If you like it, please give it a ★ vote.

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bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Mar 18, 2016
Score one for Mase! 😂 Eithet he has a phenomenal sense of humor or I'm just so twisted that I find him hilarious. Either way, I'm loving the story thus far.
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Mar 18, 2016
It's too early in the morning for Mase to have me laughing like a damn loon. He's super funny.
KellaCampbell KellaCampbell Sep 05, 2015
So I read this when you posted it but forgot to comment. Love it! Can't wait for the next chapter.
KatieCross4 KatieCross4 Sep 01, 2015
AH! I laughed through the whole thing. This was seriously hysterical. So much snark. 
                              SO MUCH SNARK.
KelseyKeating2 KelseyKeating2 Sep 01, 2015 much as I love the epic fantasies that this is poking fun at...I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
                              Oh man. The laughter. 
                              This is like...I don't even know, but I love it.