H2OWildcat - Drabbles

H2OWildcat - Drabbles

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Miniladd's apartment room wasn't big enough to host a big party. But he made an exception to this one time though. Delirious was coming. So this time, it was very different.

This wasn't the first that Johnathan showed his face. Though it rarely happens, this time would be the fifth. The boy was still insecure about his face. No one had a clue why.

Johnathan had striking features. Rosy cheeks, strict jawline, and piercing blue eyes. His hair is black as night, and his skin was white as snow.

Despite being extrememly attractive, Delirious was always fun to have around. He was no different in person as he is over a screen or in a video game. He always made jokes and brightened everyone's spirits with his laugh.

Everyone except Wildcat. Tyler was always the one who suggested that Delirious stayed at home. Mini ignored Tyler's commands since he always seemed to be a bit of a downer. 

Other than Tyler absolutely ignoring Delirious, the guys always made sure Jon was comfortable. Vanoss a...

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i am. it a good reader for these type of words they are not in my vocabulary nor i say them i have a lisp that's making me laugh so hard reading those words ahaha
*my shattered heart repairing itself* This is bootiful *tears*
Danti_Lover Danti_Lover May 26
*weird noise calls out from my throat*
                              That's the sound of my heart, it's not okay.
                              I don't even know if this is my heart, I'm crying already.
I'm pretty sure some of it is German. Abend is evening and rot is red. Abendrot would like literally mean night red.
Tyler look
                              *points to my heart on the floor* 
                              Look what you did ya prick