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Gay •Larry Stylinson•

Gay •Larry Stylinson•

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Ariel By ArielTracey Updated Apr 12

It's not always easy growing up and being gay. You get teased, threatened and even most times disowned. Louis Tomlinson had all of these things done to him most of his life. Soon he transfers to a new school where it is more accepting from most people but not all. Harry Styles is a senior and he's one of Louis' bully's. Cliche right? It gets worse. Louis actually starts to develop a crush on Harry, even after all the things he was put through by the older male. Another problem, Harry claims he's straight. But will Louis prove him wrong?


Comedy mixed with romance and a bit of drama.

qwwass qwwass Mar 25
He is really over reacting In my school every day all the students clean the all school before going home including the toilet 🚽
I only get pimples when my period is on and right after it goes off. And it's only one in some random place like my cheek or my chin
that's embarrassing i woulda thrown a shoe at him or something
tinieloueh tinieloueh Mar 27
Me and my best friend put hand cream on the toilet seat and it looked like cum lmao memories huh
_victoria_joan_ _victoria_joan_ a day ago
What is this straight sex, I haven't come across it in my searches on the internet
GayLy21 GayLy21 Apr 05
There's this one teacher in my school and I swear IF PAUL WESLEY AND NINA DOBREV HAD A CHILD IT WOULD BE HER! Gosh I'm such a lesbian.