Seducing EXO's Lay[Under Editing]

Seducing EXO's Lay[Under Editing]

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Autumn By ChAhnyeoliee_Exo Completed

Cover by @babyeunwoo.

[Warning: Do not Plagiarize]

A Maid

Her Boss

His friends

One Goal

To Seduce Exo's Lay

[Not yet edited so pardon the Mistakes]

UnwrittennX UnwrittennX May 08
Lol "like omg why this hour? Like I still have homework n stuff. Why can't the place just lit up when I'm at school or something daffuq"💁🏼💁🏼💃🏼😂😂🙌🏼😝🙊🙊 (jk)
jiaxing0720 jiaxing0720 May 13
Literally can't stop laughing at this part. Imagine kyungsoo's reaction xD
Why are you using too many Korean words :( not all of us know korean
psyourugly psyourugly Nov 02
Biiitch hold the phone.... Are you gonna play with me rn. Dont
giareum giareum Sep 20
That's kind of what a personal maid is but I'm not going to judge.
what happen to my healing unicorn? lay oppa I know your not a cold person * Pouty Face*