Tainted Faith (Mafia Romance)

Tainted Faith (Mafia Romance)

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Elise Watson By VampireBunny2154 Updated Feb 11

LILIANA FIORENZA is outraged when her papà strongly advises her to accept the proposal of a man she has heard only whispers about. Having resided in Sicily for the later half of her teenage years, Liliana was unable to escape the dark rumours surrounding the name D'onofrio. Now, having returned to America, readily believing the worst of the family, Liliana finds herself unable to enjoy the prospect of her upcoming nuptials to the infamous D'onofrio heir.    
  MERCELLO D'ONOFRIO  is the sole heir to the D'onofio legacy: that being both in the ruthless business world as well as within cold-blooded crime organisations. Being apart of one of the most powerful mafia families situated in America meant Mercello always had to dedicate all of his time to upholding the fierce, deadly D'onofrio reputation. However, at the request of his father, Mercello now finds himself about to take on a whole, new fatal aspect of life - marriage.


WARNING: I am neither Italian or American so the possibility for cultural mistakes is high.

QQJJQQ QQJJQQ Apr 27, 2016
The only reason i kind of know what that means is bc my spanish teacher gave us a paper of cuss words before we graduated 9th grade. That was 4 years ago and that sheet of paper is printed in my brain. Lol.
MariaBovary MariaBovary Sep 05, 2016
Capisce is if you're talking in the third person if you want to ask someone if he understands is "Capisci?"
IloveMY99 IloveMY99 Jul 03, 2016
Thought this was an update ....... The disappointment 😫😫😫
destacia destacia Aug 20, 2016
This was overall interesting, but I'm pretty confused as to what's going on? I recommend taking your time to flesh out the scene more and explain the characters mentioned. Otherwise it gets kinda hard to keep up.
AndreaRobles5 AndreaRobles5 Feb 14, 2016
The reason I know what this is means is because I'm Mexican. And tbh I busted out laughing because I've never heard anyone say this in anything but English so it was kinda funny
foodgasim678 foodgasim678 Dec 31, 2015
wow the respect i have for this author is so freaking unreal right now. He or she described everything perfectly with no error what so ever.. and to make it even better they described it in a third person POV.
                              can't wait to read more