Tales of Ruuin - Gallowwood

Tales of Ruuin - Gallowwood

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Marco R. Baier By MarcoBaier Updated Aug 03, 2018

Summer has come to Than, land of exiles and perpetual frontier - a country covered by primordial woods and the overgrown remnants of mighty civilizations. Vast and beautiful, it is also a land of lost colonies and ghost towns, where decade upon decade, hundreds mysteriously vanish without a trace. Yet for all its many dangers, Than's lure remains strong and draws new settlers every year, bleeding the Scarred Empire of those seeking adventure, fame, fortune, a better life - or simply somewhere to lay low, so that the world may forget their crimes. 

Enter our heroes...

Young Lord-Paladin Marius Redstone, champion of arrogance and the people alike (who didn't get a say in the matter), and a team of professional mass murderers: one by cold-blooded tenacity, and the other by bloody accident. Craven, the Scarred Empire's most infamous monster hunter and his associate Echser, master alchemist and self-proclaimed greatest lover of science.

For reasons that could not be any more different, these three find their fates merged as they seek to unravel a chain of mysterious murders committed by the legendary monster of the Gallowwood.

The Woodmare.

Yet in a world where not even the dead can be relied upon to rest, nothing is as it seems...


Gallowwood is a stand-alone novel set in Ruuin, a gritty medieval fantasy world dotted with the remnants of a scientifically advanced civilization. A world in which the walking dead are just another natural catastrophe, and were ancient magic and technology lay waiting in the forgotten places of the world, eager for a rediscovery...

The events of Gallowwood are set over a decade before my Harvest Wars Series. Furthermore, this book also contains the short story "Un-King" as well as the Novella "Seed of Evil" at its end, with Un-King playing before and Seed of Evil directly after the occurrences in Gallowwood.

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SirBadassius SirBadassius Jun 18, 2017
Reading this has already got me tingly I'm got go get some nachos I'm not getting up for a while
onyxmuse onyxmuse Feb 27, 2016
This is just dynamically catching. Simply love those dystopic types and i can tell this is going to be just great 🙌
- - Mar 07, 2016
I'm loving this so far.  Jw though,  do you make your own covers?  If so what do you use because they're awesome.
bamba20249 bamba20249 Jan 07, 2016
Just finished reading the havest and know I'm gona like 
                              this one .
MarilynMcCaskey MarilynMcCaskey Dec 10, 2015
THIS is the one I started reading first and got confused.  THIS is the one I wanted to comment on with regards to Game of Thrones.  Wow - space!  I guess I should really concentrate on one book at a time, huh.
MickyNeilson MickyNeilson Oct 29, 2015
Marco! Great to see you on Wattpad. I'm looking forward to reading your work on here!!