Pushed [H2OVanoss]

Pushed [H2OVanoss]

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butter By holyvikturi Updated Jul 01, 2017

Where a gay boy is in love with a 'straight' man

[H2O Delirious & VanossGaming]

*no real hate against Sydney*

-Story cover made by me-

-This story is fiction and and so are the events-

-Rated M for Mature-

[ I know Evan and Sydney are no longer 
together but I wrote this when they were ]

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IShipGayStuffXD IShipGayStuffXD Nov 16, 2017
When you crush text you I love you but then text it was meant for someone else
teamaestheticc teamaestheticc Dec 28, 2017
Well when Evan is in Canada they share the same time zones but when Evan is in L.A they have different time zones
teamaestheticc teamaestheticc Nov 14, 2017
ya know I'm pretty sure Evan and Delirious have the same time zones.
Like_Y_Tho Like_Y_Tho Nov 27, 2017
U know it is funny cause I was listening to "You Lied" By: Rayy Dubb 😂😂
Galactisea Galactisea Apr 14, 2017
"Goodmorning Bitch." this is literally how I greet my friends
InsaneYaoiWriter InsaneYaoiWriter Jul 26, 2016
Can someone read at least one of my H20Vanoss books? I suggest the one called..  'H20Vanoss__GLITCH?'