What is This Feeling? 〈H2OVanoss〉

What is This Feeling? 〈H2OVanoss〉

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nobodies By Danirious Updated Nov 25, 2016

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Delirious wakes up without a clue of where he is. He doesn't know what this feeling is, confusion perhaps? He doesn't have any feelings or emotions, he must learn them on his own. Therefore, his mother sends him to a new school. He wears a mask because his mom doesn't want anyone to see his face, which is odd. He's a bit harsh on people, but he doesn't mean to be, he doesn't know how to feel. Until, he meets a few friends. Then he meets someone who gives him a feeling that is hard to obtain, or even understand. What Is This Feeling?


"What is this 'love'?"

"Well, love is a feeling you can't control,"

[Cover ArtWork: Candeen]
[based off the anime: 'Say, "I Love You,"']
[Theme song: iRobot - Jon Bellion]
(Do not own VanossGaming or H2ODelirious in any way, it's all for fun and it's of course fiction hence Fanfiction)

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TheMostTrashOfTrash TheMostTrashOfTrash Apr 08, 2017
He's a robot! Isn't he? If he isn't sorry, still haven't thought everything throw and I'm tired AF.
Help_Png Help_Png Nov 25, 2016
Sorry, I don't remember you..... All I can think of is Marceline'd song she sang to ice king
BeatixGaming BeatixGaming Sep 15, 2016
I am a robot,
                              I used to know love,
                              Cause I had a fire, passion and desire
                              Now all I require are circuits and wires,
                              Inside was an ocean of soul and emotion! 
                              I just love this song! ;)
baconaxolotl baconaxolotl Nov 26, 2016
How to experience  boredom.
                              Anything that you dont like to do so you sit out
VelvetteVenom VelvetteVenom Mar 09, 2016
This is really interesting! Great first chapter! On to chapter 2 !! :)
girlgamer1074 girlgamer1074 Feb 04, 2017
OML I HAVE A THEORY ok so he dosent know the past,right so I think his mum cured him to forget the past and emissions  (Can't spell) but u know what I mean,right do I sound crazy 😂😧