More Evil Than I Look (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) [#Wattys2016]

More Evil Than I Look (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) [#Wattys2016]

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MaKriVeFuBa (◕‿◕✿) By KawaiiVanilla-chan Updated Nov 18

Hanauta Aku, a beautiful and charming girl that grew up deep inside the forests. She was kept away from people by her parents in fear of something that Aku is unaware of. One day, her grandfather, that she never knew existed, forced her parents to let her go into the city.

She lives with six mysterious men. But the question is; who is really mysterious, the six  men or the girl? She finds out more about her and the hidden truth crushes her heart. 

Can she cope with the changes in her life after knowing the truth about her?


There is mature content in this book. If you don't like that, then please don't hate me or the book and just don't mind this book.

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