The boy in the hospital bed

The boy in the hospital bed

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Karena Collins By k_collins01 Completed

Brandy thinks she has everything planed out, She'll marry her high school boyfriend, be a cheerleader her whole life and go to wonderful party. However, Life has a different idea.  


Hey y'all just letting you know that I'm fixing everything and editing it. Still readable :)

reusation reusation Jun 28
Wait wait wait.....sooo ya wanna telle me that this is one of the main Characters...?? You kidding me right,!😑😂😂
0Pseudonym0 0Pseudonym0 Aug 21
This was quite literally me reading this story.
                              Don't worry, it's safe for work.
I really like it, I think it helps the story move along. And there is usually those preppy girls like that. So I think it makes sense, but that is just me. Great Job on the story so far!!! 😀
Phelony Phelony Mar 01
You should also try separating it into more paragraphs, tbh, it's easier on the eye. Sometimes, you will lose where you were reading and have to read over again to find it.
Phelony Phelony Mar 01
I don't like the girls personality. Honestly, she sounds like those snobby type of people. I'm not trying to be mean. I just don't really like characters like this. Snobby rich people. And it seemed that the story was just moving so quickly. Like you already saw it coming