Nightmares Come True--REWRITTING

Nightmares Come True--REWRITTING

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Renee-bookworm14 By Renee-bookworm14 Completed

What happens when Danny tell his parents the truth???

I do not own Danny Phantom and if I did, it would still be on today. In this story, Danny is 15.

I am rewriting this story and will be labeling which chapter has been rewritten.

Writing_onAdrenaline Writing_onAdrenaline Oct 24, 2016
Just imagining this is painful. And on top of that, I'm listening to "Untitled" by Simple Plan... 😢
JenHoranClifford JenHoranClifford May 25, 2016
Wow...that escalated quickly. I mean. That really got out of hand fast.
Writing_onAdrenaline Writing_onAdrenaline Oct 24, 2016
I just realized, he barely eats anything in the show. Sometimes when he's shown "eating", he's just moving it around with whatever utensil he's using.
Kimiko_14 Kimiko_14 Oct 23, 2016
Omg I love this show since I was little like this story 😊
watty5s watty5s Dec 10, 2015
YA RIGHT HE TOTALLY WE W UOLD  PS danny is 24 when the accident happens
_Monkeysquotes_ _Monkeysquotes_ Dec 02, 2015
This is very different compared to other stories... intresting to see where this heads