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"Oh I'd like to see you try Bad boy."

Oh my goodness I honestly cannot be expected to describe EVERYTHING that happened in thirty nine seconds, since obviously that's roughly how long it'll take you to read all of this!

Let's begin with a brief-ish introduction. Yeah, I can do that!

I'm the badass. Dreaded by all the little beings around me. (Why? Because I'm freaking awesome!) That long list of people also happens to include the school bad boy. That dude's a softy when compared to me.

That very soft, very large, very protective, bad boy just so happens to be my sort of best friend, sort of enemy, sort of everything else. Absolute softy I tell you!

Gosh this introduction thing is definitely not what I signed up for!


So everything is sunshine-y in our little world until one day bad boy and I stumble upon something.

Something precious, so very special that it couldn't have been with anybody else.

Something beautiful really.

Yes, that is correct, we discovered the power of REVENGE.

It turned us into- WILD CREATURES.

We took war seriously!

If I flatten his tires, he sneaks into my house to freak me out. Hell we're immature. We hate each other from the depths our hearts but- we love each other too- just kidding we hate each other! Pure and horrible hate.

"Admit it Lexi, you secretly love me!" Bad boy grinned.

"Get out of here Bad boy, you weren't invited!"

"Make me baby girl." He blew me a kiss.

"I should've killed you with Hunter when I had the chance!"


Warning: IMMATURE content may make you want to hit your head to the wall at times and my head sometimes. Please do not resort to violence!*Grins*

Alright, alright: Language! *Sighs* so much language *Shakes head*

It would mean the world to me if you decided to read this but that's up to you! :)

Maybe you'll laugh a little, who knows???

I'm absolutely crazy and somewhat evil so forgive me for my lame jokes and bad puns, please!

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FalakAlameddine FalakAlameddine May 11, 2017
Nah naaah the story is amazing soo good 😍😍i love it it's unique and i looove immature people😂😂❤
uniique678 uniique678 Apr 07, 2017
The loneliness shall be enjoyed 😊No people to deal with😷
Routine_Can_Kill_You Routine_Can_Kill_You Apr 13, 2017
*holds up hands* 
                              I FOLLOWED NO ONE HOME I SWEAR. 
                              (My name is Hunter..haha..get it?😅😣)
                              I'll leave.
_avi_22 _avi_22 Mar 06, 2017
ones an animal and another is a plant HOW ARE THEY TWINS? 😁😉
TalentlessPenguin TalentlessPenguin Mar 06, 2017
you should be bold enough to do that you only get suspended for like 2 days
omg_its_zee omg_its_zee Dec 30, 2016
Am I the only one who noticed that this was in a judy blume book?? Or nah??