Grown ups 2 (FanFic)

Grown ups 2 (FanFic)

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Juliana Caylen By jccloud17 Completed

"Hey! Juliana!" said Donna. 

"Hey!" I smiled. 

"Hey, Juliana!" said Keithie. 

"Oh, Hi, Keithie! Any luck?" I said. 

"Nope. He thinks you're a girl from Milan." said Keithie. 

Donna was on face time with Keithie. We got better phones in the past year. I hung my head. 

"I'll try harder." said Keithie. 

"No, don't. He wants that blonde girl." I sniffed. 

"Oh, Juliana." said Donna. 

"It's fine. I'm going to take a shower." I said. 

We heard screaming coming from Keithie's end. It was Keithie's mother, Roxanne. We gasped. Keithie opened his room door. A deer ran right past him. 

"No way! Can I ride him?" said Keithie. 

Donna and I giggled. The deer ran to the bathroom. It's antlers went through the door. He opened the shower curtain. Greg was inside. I covered Donna's eyes.

His junk was all out. Greg screamed and the deer peed on him. Roxanne screamed and pointed at Greg's junk. Greg covered himself up. Damn...he looks so fine. Roxanne took off as the deer ran. 

"A deer!" excl...

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