Detective Conan/Magic kaitou 1412: Unsolvable Case

Detective Conan/Magic kaitou 1412: Unsolvable Case

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XxCertifiedOtakuuxX By XxCertifiedOtakuuxX Updated Jan 10

Kyhiana Sawada, is an otaku who has given a chance to explore  The anime world which is Detective Conan and kaitou kid 1412 mixed together however
with two conditions, and the conditions is. 
She have to find the Pandora Gem before kaitou kid/Kaito kuruba did and discover what are the Black Organization's after before Conan/shinichi kudo found out.

if she succeed the Conditions she will live in anime world which is Detective Conan and kaitou kid mixed as long as she wants

But she have to do the condition first before anything else and She have to be careful 

If Edgwardo Conan/Shinichi Kudo or kaitou kid/ kaito Kuruba discover what her true identity is, what her true intention is, 

Game over. 

She will lose the memories of the game and everything that she seen, feel, know will be gone. 

It's a win everything and lose everything game, 

Do you dare to play?


Disclaimer;: i don't own Detective Conan and  Magic Kaitou 1412 and the pictures i show i simple own is my own Characters and my Plot

[OCx (cames along with story)]

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Shinichi016 Shinichi016 Jan 25
Amazing story. Dont want to be rude but you forgot the n in adventure and it should be vision,not version(i suppose)
                              But anyways, great story!!!
ChristaSS123 ChristaSS123 Oct 23, 2016
Ummmm..... How do you pronounce "Kyhaina" That name don't quite sound like a Japanese name but Sawada does, because if I remember right Japanese don't have the Kanji for it.
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Feb 06, 2017
I'm so glad I read many mystery novels that I can solve that..... but many say I'm dense or something...
aliceinwonderland27 aliceinwonderland27 Oct 04, 2016
I find it's cool that I knew the puzzle before reading this paragraph. I feel smart for once 🤓
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Feb 06, 2017
I know the feeling, dude..... All my gadgets are all taken by my parents..... Now... Look at me.... I'm so restless that I can't sleep properly..... Dude.... If it wasn't for my brothers laptop that is everywhere that I hacked I would go insane without it....
Vibrant_Shadow_2004 Vibrant_Shadow_2004 May 04, 2016
Kaichou wa maid-sama! Nice choice!
                              ---------------OTAKU FOREVER---------------